Weather it’s that once off clean for that special occasion or regular pool maintenance we can cater a package to suit you. With our first class service, we aim to leave the pool dust free and sparkling. Services can be as often or as little as you like.


We conduct a full inspection of pumps, filters, chlorinators and pool cleaners each time we visit. If anything is broken we can either repair it instantly on site or provide a free quote if it has to be taken away. We can also replace your equipment with any brand on the market suited to your needs,

Would you like to make an insurance claim? No problem, easy done. Would you like a pool cleaner to scrub your pool, get out the mess from the bottom of the pool and keep it sparkling?

We supply a range of pool cleaners to suit your budget and your needs.

Green Pool

Has your pool turned green? Protect your family and friends from those nasty diseases caused by the green pool (for example E.coli, and Salmonella just to name a few).

Our team can have your water back to clear in no time at all and when we are finished, we’ll teach you to maintain your pool so that nasty green stays away.


Did you know that more than just poor chemical balance can cause stains in your pool? There are calcium stains, black spot algae stains and metal stains. Even your tiles can get calcium stains and build up.

Leaves and berries left in the pool over time, can cause stains too. Even a mobile phone, yes that’s right a mobile phone will stain your pool. But never fear these can be removed! Just call us today and we will wash those stains away.


There are many choices of lights for your pool. Would you like a coloured light or maybe something a little more subtle? Happy with your existing light, maybe you just need a repair. Would you like an energy saving light? No problem come to us and we are happy to provide for your needs.


Very busy, got not time? Why not get your chemicals delivered? At Perth Pool Cleaning, we can tailor a package to suit your needs and if you wish, chemicals delivered right to your door.